Women may be embarrassed by oral sex

It’s a good idea, yes, as long as both want the same thing. Otherwise, you risk putting your friendship at risk. Moreover, if she offers it to you, it is because she is already attracted to you, is not it? If the attraction is mutual, it could be hot and nice; otherwise, avoid embarrassing yourself. Practicing sex with friends and seeing if there is something deeper are two totally different things. So be very clear about your intentions.

Moushumi Ghos, psychotherapist / sexologist

If you have sex regularly, the released hormones will naturally create a deep connection, you will not be able to be more simple friends. And do not imagine that she will necessarily want more. Will tarvos testo you agree to see her go out with other men while you are sleeping together? So sleep with her if you want, but do not forget all the other things that have built your friendship – drink shots and watch movies.

Dr. Nelson, psychotherapist / sexologist

I read correctly? A friend wants to sleep with you without a contract? Go for it! What can happen to you? At worst, you’ll find that it’s not good enough to make it a regular business. At best, you will spend accomplices and sizzling moments until one of you finds a more serious half. You will then return to the friendship that you will not ruin by being always perfectly honest to each other. No seriously, it’s nice all that, but do not dream! You take risks. Nothing will be like before. There are few who come out of a friendly relationship without breakage and, at two, there are twice as many risks.

Jena Friedman, writer / humorist

” My girlfriend does not like me to make him cunnilingus. It’s common among girls or am I just bad? » Pierre, Gourdon

Women may be embarrassed by oral sex . They may doubt their freshness or their taste, so talk to him, tell him that you like it and that it excites you. They may also worry about being too long to come, so reassure her and tell her that you will spend the time. Finally, few women dare to say what they like, so encourage her to moan when she appreciates, or to show herself how to do it.

Dr. Nelson, psychotherapist / sexologist

For some women, cunnilingus is too sweet. Sometimes it takes more pressure than the language can provide. So during the act, stimulate other areas. Penetrate her vagina, stimulate the anal area or play with her breasts . If it does not work, do not insist and move on.

Moushumi Ghos, psychotherapist / sexologist

All women are different, that’s why you love us so much! Some adore cunnilingus, others do not, others in a certain way … In short, it seems that we have not finished complicating your life. But in general, all women respond if asked a question!

First of all, be sure to want to see her again. Once you are convinced, how to get to the second appointment?

The first appointment must be short, 1 hour 30 maximum. So plan an excuse for the short duration of the appointment and, by saying goodbye, specify that you had a good time and that you would like to put that back.

On the day of the appointment , sit side by side to allow physical interaction.

Do not try to find out if she is looking for a serious relationship by asking too deep questions. Avoid talking about ex, politics and money. Stick to light topics, such as work and hobbies, to get an idea of ​​his personality.

Take your time , especially to kiss him. And if you get started and it’s missed, do not take it personally, it does not mean that there will be no second chance.

Finally, ask her to let you know once she has returned home. This will prove that you pay attention to it and that will avoid the eternal question of who will be the first to send a message.

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