Typical breakfast of the Atkins regimen

thrma splut Remember that the principle of Atkins diet is to restrict the consumption of carbohydrates (slow and fast sugars), to allow the body to burn fat more easily and quickly, with the goal of achieving effective results.

Often, when you start the diet, you run out of menu ideas, especially for breakfast, which is usually made up of carbohydrates, which provide the essential energy the day.

What are the permitted foods and forbidden foods?
First of all, to be able to compose your breakfast according to the rules of the diet , it is certain that you must first know which foods are allowed and which foods are prohibited from the method.

Authorized foods
The foods allowed during this treatment are:

meat (red and white);
fish and seafood;
eggs ;
dairy products without sugar;
very low carbohydrate vegetables (tomato, salad, broccoli , cauliflower, spinach …);
vegetable oils;
coffee and tea.
Prohibited foods
And here are the foods to proscribe:

candies and chocolates;
fruits and vegetables ;
starchy foods: rice, breads, pasta, cereals, legumes, potatoes, etc. ;
sweet drinks: fruit juices, sodas, alcohols, etc. ;
sweet dairy products.
Breakfast idea
After sorting, you are ready to compose your morning menus by varying the pleasures and according to the desires!

Here are 3 breakfasts based on the three different first phases of the program.

Breakfast for phase 1 : a plate of scrambled eggs (2 eggs) accompanied by 50 g of minced mushrooms and served with coffee or tea (without sugar of course).
Breakfast for Phase 2 : a plate consisting of an omelette, a slice of turkey ham , 50 g of cottage cheese and tomato wedges. You can always accompany your breakfast with a hot, unsweetened drink.
Breakfast for Phase 3 : two hard boiled eggs accompanied by a plain yoghurt , in which will be added 50 g of strawberries cut into small pieces and 20 grams of crushed cashew nuts.
As you understand, the principle of the method is simple, it is sufficient before the composition of each meal to calculate the nutritional value of each food, to ensure not to exceed the amount of carbohydrates allowed for the day.

Obviously, according to the tastes and desires of each, you can change the ingredients. But also reduce or eliminate the amount of carbohydrates at breakfast if you want to lunch for example with an authorized food containing a slightly higher sugar content , while remaining vigilant, so as not to compromise the effectiveness of the diet.

Atkins good or not good?
There is no doubt about the effectiveness of this diet, if we follow it to the letter. One of its great benefits is that it offers pureleatherinteriors effective weight loss, while consuming high levels of fat and protein. But on the other side, there are disadvantages that should not be underestimated: great fatigue, risk of food deficiency and an increase in cholesterol levels.

Not to mention the risk of being a victim of a yoyo effect , as soon as we resume a “normal” diet. So depending on the capacity of each individual, it should better consider this slimming diet program for a short time, which will minimize the side effects.

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