Paleo diet menu without meat

Is it possible to eat paleo without meat? A question that proves rather difficult to answer if you are not a vegetarian. He is unaware that the paleo diet is based on high-fat foods providing about 50% calcium intake.

Moreover, thanks to this slimming program, you have the opportunity to eat to your hunger by eliminating dairy products and all industrialized products that are particularly bad for your health.

That said, an easy paleo menu without protein means crossing paleo and vegetarian dishes.

A palaeo and vegetarian menu at 1200 calories a day
However, as the eggs largely contain the protein needed by the body , you could eat it during your breakfast. That said, Yerba Mate for Day 1: opt for starchy dishes to start your diet. However, he does not eat too many ingredients.


You have the choice between a hard-boiled egg and a cup of hot drink such as tea or coffee without sugar or aspartame accompanied by a slice of rusk and a fruit juice.

Snack A portion of seasonal fruit (besides banana)

Lunch : – A meal consisting of a mixture of vegetables such as potatoes and white beans of 150 gr total (steamed) that you will season according to your preference.- eat a small portion of cottage cheese 0% In addition, the snack is not obligatory. However, if you want to take a cereal bar with muesli can be enough.

Dinner: Sauté 150 grams of vegetables accompanied by ¼ baguette and one slice of cheese. For dessert, take a piece of fruit. And so on. As all vegetables and fruits are allowed , you can vary your dishes regardless of the duration of your diet.

In addition, here you are advised to prepare gluten-free dishes for day 2 of your diet.

The crossing of the paleo and vegan diet
The advice and advice of a nutritionist is mandatory before following any method of food to develop the ideal types ideal for your health. In other words, by crossing these two diets to more or less the same principles, you could eat healthy and lose pounds easily.

In addition, for a large part of people concerned about their health, they choose a healthy lifestyle while combining a series of regular physical exercises and a good balanced diet. Especially since it promotes good digestion and helps the liver to get rid of all fats.

Although this diet has many benefits if we respect the forbidden foods and allowed to the letter, it still has a disadvantage such as the appearance of deficiency or the reduction of hormones by the lack of fatty acids in the diet . organism for example. In addition, crossing the permitted foods in Keto plus premier both the paleo and vegetarian regimes, we find at the end: nuts or seeds, vegetables, oils while the combination totally banishes dairy products, cereals, legumes and vegetables. meat, of course.

To help you cook balanced, use a thermomix. For a quick result, do not forget to play sports from time to time.

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