The Natman diet to lose 4 pounds in 4 days

To lose 4 kg is good; to get there healthily, naturally and quickly it’s even better . That’s what the Natman diet offers you . With a daily diet between 700 and 1200 calories, it is fast and effective to lose weight quickly and well .

4 days to lose 4 kilograms?
Still known as the stewardess diet , the Natman diet is high protein and low calorie . It is mainly composed of proteins but some foods allowed how fruits, vegetables ( spinach , cabbage, lettuce) are on the menu.

In addition to the pleasure of losing calories while avoiding starvation, this diet has the advantage of stretching only overĀ ketofit canada 4 days , which reduces the side effects of a high protein diet. Drink at least 1.5 to 2L of water and avoid carbonated or alcoholic beverages.

Which diet menu to adopt?
If you have to be careful not to nibble between meals, keep in mind that rations are at will during the diet. No Lilliputian portions therefore. The breakfast is the same during the 4 days of the diet. it consists of water, tea or coffee without sugar at will and a half of grapefruit.

Day 1
Lunch : Grilled steak + tomato; salad without seasoning and a small apple for dessert.
Dinner : 2 boiled eggs; green beans cooked in water without salt + grapefruit juice
Day 2
Lunch : 1 side of grilled lamb; tomato and lettuce salad without seasoning and 1 glass of tomato juice beer.
Dinner : Zucchini OR cauliflower OR green beans cooked in water without salt and stewed apples without sugar (fake sugar allowed).
Day 3
Lunch : Grilled steak, natural yoghurt + an apple
Dinner : Roast chicken + tomatoes cooked in water + 1 glass of prune juice.
Day 4
Lunch : 2 scrambled eggs; lettuce and tomato in salad (without seasoning) OR green beans + 1 large glass of tomato juice.
Dinner : 1 steak + lettuce salad (no seasoning) + 1 glass of pineapple juice.
What are the disadvantages of the Natman program on my health?
The program offers a very limited food choice and a significant nutritional deficiency . Very dangerous, it is forbidden for people prone to kidney failure.

With this type of diet, the yoyo effect is almost guaranteed . Many people notice a resumption of weight atĀ keto fit the end of the regime or the slightest difference. Which is the source of huge frustrations.

In our opinion, the Natman regime is drastic and restrictive. Ask a health professional for advice before starting any diet. Losing weight effectively takes time and this type of diet is not advisable.

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