How to make the yogurt diet over 5 days?

People who do not like yogurts (natures, brewed, whole, lean or firm) are rare. So if you like these dairy products and want to lose weight quickly, try the yogurt diet .

It is a low calorie and drastic diet, which can lose up to 5 pounds in a week. But obviously it requires several changes in eating habits , great rigor and unwavering determination.

Let’s see how exactly this diet yoghurt, examples of menus (for the morning, afternoon, afternoon tea and keto drox evening) on ​​5 days , some tips to follow it, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the yogurt diet?
The yoghurt diet is actually an express diet that requires using this dairy product as a food base over several days . It will thus lead to weight loss by limiting the daily calorie intake.

In the opinion of his practitioners, this diet is effective to lose pounds very quickly , while having fun (since it involves eating the yogurt that we love). You will be able to eat 5 to 8 yogurts every day if you decide to follow this diet.

You wonder then: “But why will I lose weight if I follow this yogurt diet? “. It has been proven, through studies in the US and Canada, that calcium is good for weight loss ; gold yogurts are very rich in calcium.

In addition, the yogurts at 0% fat, recommended in this diet, contain few calories and are consistent. They also contain bacteria that can act specifically on weight loss and intestinal balance.

But still, they include magnesium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins A and B, lean proteins, pantothenic acid and folic acid which are essential nutrients for ‘organization.

That’s why this diet can be easily followed for a short time, without any danger or risk of significant fatigue .

Examples of yoghurt diet menus
Day 1
Morning : 1 unsweetened hot drink + 2 rusks + 1 natural yoghurt 0%

Noon : 1 egg + 1 tomato + 2 yogurts 0% with 1/2 glass of muesli

Tea time : 1 yogurt 0%

Evening : 1/2 cucumber with a little fresh mint + 1 yogurt 0% with lemon juice.

Day 2
Morning : 1 unsweetened hot drink + 1 kiwi + 2 rusks + 1 yoghurt 0%

Noon : 1 tomato + 2 yogurts 0% with 1/2 glass of oatmeal + 1 banana

Taste : 1 apple

Evening : 2 yogurts 0% with celery and paprika.

Day 3
Morning : 1 unsweetened hot drink + 2 rusks + 1 apple + 1 yoghurt 0%

Lunchtime : 1 tomato + 2 yogurts 0% with a glass of rice and spices and / or herbs + 1 kiwi

Taste : 1 banana

Evening : raspberries at will + 2 yogurts 0%.

Day 4
Morning : 1 unsweetened hot drink + 2 rusks + 2 yogurts 0%

Lunch : 1 egg + 1 salad of tomatoes and cucumbers + 2 yogurts 0% with blueberries

Tea time : 1 yogurt 0%

Evening : 1 vegetable soup very little salty and without fat .

Day 5
Morning : 1 unsweetened hot drink + 1 apple + 1 kiwi + 1 yogurt 0%

Noon : grated carrots with a drizzle of lemon juice + 2 yogurts 0% with 1/2 cucumber, mint and pepper + 1 biscuit very little sweet.

Taste : 1 yoghurt 0% with a sliced banana

Evening : 1 vegetable soup without fat and little salt + 1 yoghurt 0%.

Recommendations, advantages and disadvantages
You should know that even though yogurts contain essential nutrients, they do not have all the vitamins , proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and trace elements that the body needs every day and in the longer term. It is therefore strongly advised to follow this diet for 5 days and at most for 8 days , and not to renew it within 60 days.

Know that you can lose up to 5 kg in 1 week by reducing much of your daily caloric intake , but you must be careful to eat little sugar and little fat to force the body to draw on its reserves and eliminate cellulite.

The advantages of such a diet are that you can imagine homemade recipes from 5 to 8 yogurts a day, adding fruits, cereals and vegetables (cooked or raw). You will always have fun to lose weight in record time .

It is therefore a pleasant, fast and inexpensive method . And so it is a perfect diet for those who love yogurt and want to lose weight quickly.But like all fast diets, there is a risk of yoyo effect (recovery of pounds lost and sometimes more) when stopping Diet.

In addition, the amount of yoghur consumed is important, it can cause deficiencies . But if the diet is well followed, including vitamins, cereals and fiber, it can be conducted without constraint for 5 to 8 days.

In conclusion, the yoghurt diet makes it necessary to reduce its calorie intake considerably and can be difficult to keto drox follow from the second day, but its effectiveness is really remarkable and the results perfectly visible , especially if you practice a physical activity in parallel.

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