How to lose 35 kg in 5 months?

If the goals of a weight loss of more than 30 kilos , and in less than a semester, seem really ambitious, they are completely attainable. But on a dual condition: you submit to a real anti calorie diet too much and intense exercise.

How to lose 35 kg in 5 months

A diet to lose 35 kg in 5 months

The recipe is simple: combine physical exercises + diet. But not just any! About the diet, there is no miracle formula even if you can occasionally give you hungry bars . Rule Number: It is simply necessary to eat healthy and in small quantities.

Rule number 2: eliminate bad sugar (the industrial one because it is processed), say goodbye to fat (especially sauces) and alcohol ( cocktail of fruit juice at the time of the aperitif ) . A good base is for lunch: turkey, a Chinese bowl of pasta or rice.

An obligatory snack with fruit and almonds not salted or sweet . And at dinner, fish rich in protein with green vegetables or salad. That’s it, you’re done and it’s not complicated! In parallel, you will build another slimming menu by practicing physical exercises regularly.

What better sports program to lose 35 kg in 5 months?

Practicing cardio training is putting all the assets to lose weight in a significant and sustainable way and maintain its health, because it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

The best sports programs for cardio training are numerous: elliptical or ergometer bicycle, stepper , squat . Indeed, they will solicit the lower limbs and glutes.

You will have to spend at least one of these indoor activities once a week. In addition essential and much simpler, you will have to practice running or walking as many times as you can.

It will seem a little tedious at first, but soon seeing your body melt and regain energy, it will be like a sweet drug, which Keto Genesys you will not be able to do without. A good combination is squat practice on weekends and active walking every day. Because, the squat will work intensively thighs, abdominal belt , buttocks and active walking will then complete all its benefits.

So it’s no illusion to undertake to lose more than 30 pounds in less than a semester . To burn fat and calories , cardio training and slimming menus on your plate will be your two goals.

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