How to lose 11kg in 3 weeks?

It is possible to lose 11kg in 3 weeks. It all depends on your commitment to lose weight. In this little guide, we offer some tips and recipes to help you lose weight in a few days .

How to lose 11kg in 3 weeks

Losing 11kg in three weeks: a challenge

When you decide to lose weight, for Slimlook Forskolin one reason or another, know that you have made the right decision. Note also that your lack of commitment or your weakness in the face of bad habits will be obstacles that will prevent you from going to the end of your efforts.

To do this, set yourself goals to achieve each day , for example, no candy for a day or an hour of exercise each day .

Do not hesitate in the face of this challenge, because willpower and determination are your first allies to lose weight quickly.

Adopt a healthy diet

This is the essential step if you want to lose weight in three weeks and maintain your new line. It will be necessary to adopt a healthy diet , eliminating from your ration foods too rich in calories. Stop excess sweets , treats and over-fatty foods, including cold cuts, chips and chocolate.

Also banish alcohol as well as soft drinks such as soda. Similarly, you should avoid snacking between meals . Eat at regular times, strictly respecting the three daily meals.

Finally, drink enough water, at least a liter a day. By draining the toxins out of the blood and hydrating the cells, water consumption allows you to lose weight quickly .

Get rid of 11 kg in 3 weeks thanks to the fruit diet

Several fruits are recognized and prized for their slimming effect. Some, rich in fiber , such as banana, pineapple and apple, are excellent fat burners as well as provide a feeling of fullness , limiting the need to swallow.

Others, thanks to their acid content, eliminate toxins and fats from the body . These include lemon and grapefruit . Consume regularly these different fruits if you want to lose belly .

Practice physical activities

Practicing the sport is essential to get rid of the extra pounds. With one to two hours of daily cardio exercise , you can lose a pound every other day. Squatting and bodybuilding of the abdomen are effective for having a flat stomach .

An inscription in a gym can be an appropriate option. Similarly, alternating intense physical exercises and recovery phases, the split is an excellent method to burn fat . You will succeed, after three weeks, to lose up to 11 kg.

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