Does the fractionate make him lose weight?

The fractional, the sportsmen the particular practice in the aim of maintaining the form, to optimize the stamina and to burn calories . Which means that if you want to lose weight, it’s a discipline that can help you reach your goal more easily . Focus on this sport that has not finished making people talk in the slimming world.

Lose weight by splitting

Reducing daily caloric intake is a great way to lose weight, but it’s even more effective if you pair it with a suitable sport. By practicing intense sport, the body starts by drawing energy from the sugar stores before tackling the accumulated fats in the liver and muscles.

It is necessary, therefore, to arrive at this stage where the body is in the obligation to spend in fats. Experts say that it is due to the production of catecholamines that have very effective burn-fat properties.

It should be noted that intensity does not always mean weight loss. It has been proven that to lose fat, duration and endurance are better than intensity. It is necessary, therefore, to spend, but without exaggeration. In addition, lipolysis or the destruction of fat is best stimulated by taking regular breaks between efforts.

In other words, interval training and the best exercise to do if you want to lose weight healthily . The best is to have a maximum intensity between 50 to 80% of your maximum heart rate.

This varies according to the individual: 50 to 55% for a person suffering from obesity , 60 to 70% for a beginner, 75 to 80% for a top athlete. Use a heart rate monitor to calculate well.

How to do a split to lose weight?

Start by choosing the activity with which you feel most comfortable, running , cycling, bodybuilding and swimming . If you have a treadmill or elliptical trainer , you can use it. And if you have a friend who shares the same goal, tennis can even be a good idea.

Exercises must always be preceded by a 15-minute warm-up. If you are not a professional athlete, the classic 30/30 is the best choice to start your training. You can progress as you go. This technique involves providing intense efforts for 30 seconds, taking a 30-second break and resuming efforts, but less intense for 30 seconds and so on. This is to be repeated during the 30 minutes twice a week.

The split, what is it?

Fractional training consists of alternating sequences of intense physical exercises with others that are more flexible. A sequence usually lasts between 30 seconds and 10 minutes depending on the performance of each. Each exercise is marked with a pause whose duration is equivalent to the time of the effort for the short split.

For the long split, the break time is halved. Also called Interval Training in English, it is a training technique on an endurance sport such as running, rowing, swimming, or cycling.

It has three distinct phases: the acceleration phase (intense sequence), the recovery phase (pause) and the resumption of race or smooth recovery (slow sequence). By making intense physical efforts, the heart and lungs store oxygen better.

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