All foods allowed during the attack phase of the Dukan Regime

The attack phase of the Dukan diet surprises the body by providing only protein , forcing him to type in fat. Protein is the fuel the body needs to function and it nourishes the muscles.

The Dukan regime is easy to follow and very effective if you scrupulously respect the obligations.

The imperatives of the attack phase
This phase 1 lasts on average 5 days (between 3 and 7 days) following your overweight. If you wish to prolong it, nutrix slim keto it is essential to ask your doctor how many additional days you are allowed to continue this attack phase. You must eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram weighed and even at will. But only proteins!

During this period, it is obligatory to:

– Drink two liters of water or liquid without sugar per day (tea, coffee, cola light or zero, herbal tea) – Swallow half a spoon of oat bran or wheat. (This helps to avoid constipation problems because proteins, without fiber, are difficult to assimilate alone) – Make a minimum of daily sports, even just 20 minutes.

What to eat during the attack phase?
During this phase, here are the only foods allowed to be consumed:

– Eggs (whites concentrate the most pure protein)

– Meats :

Lean white meats : turkey and chicken (except skin)
Beef: lean pieces for grilling or roasting.
The veal (cutlets, roast, liver, de-fattened side)
The rabbit
The defatted ham
(prohibited meats: duck and goose that are too fat!)
– Fish : All even salmon that has a good fat

– Crustaceans : All + lump eggs (or lumpfish)

– Milk 0% : Skim milk, cottage cheese 0%, fresh square 0%

– Surimi for cracking (instead of cookies!)

Are allowed to prepare pure proteins:

Onions (in small quantities)
Soya sauce
Defatted broth
Daily menu idea during the attack phase:
Breakfast :

– Coffee without sugar – Fried egg – Chicken fattened ham

Lunch :

– Roast beef – 0% flavored yoghurt


– Green tea surimi- sticks

Having dinner :

– Thai hake fillet – White – eat vanilla flavored with cottage cheese 0%

The attack phase is the one where weight loss is the most important. We must not decide to extend its duration alone, otherwise you will have deficiencies of harmful vitamins that will disrupt your body. It is absolutely necessary to continue with the period of cruise which reintroduces the vegetables then the phase of stabilization if one does not want to take back these kilos quickly and to keep only its benefits!

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