The facial gym to eliminate double chin

Following a diet is usually motivated by a reason: the desire to burn excess fat and refine your silhouette . But many people prefer to focus more on their face because double chin is one of the most difficult areas to eliminate. Among the slimming programs available, the facial gym could be the solution to your problem.

Exercises to make the double chin disappear
The XO method: it consists in alternately repeating the movements by pronouncing the letters “X” and “O”.
The tongue movements : this time, you will have to get your tongue out of your mouth and away as much as possible by pointing it down. Then simply press it on your chin for a long time to create a contraction in your throat.
The use of your lower lip: here, bio x keto you will act as if you want to reach your nose with it.
Stretching the head: this time, keeping your back straight, it will remain to orient the head to the maximum upwards to stretch the chin.
The chewing gum method : you will need to buy sugar-free chewing gum that you chew, which will be tantamount to strengthening your oral muscles.
How to do everyday?
For these exercises to be effective, it will take 30 minutes (6 min each) . No need to go beyond, because they tire a lot. In addition, you will not need a specialized room to do them. You can do them everywhere at home or in front of your office. Only the method of chewing gum can be followed for a long time , because it also has a playful aspect.

Proper nutrition austerity
Last but not least, you will have to adapt your diet . That means saying goodbye to too fat dishes, flour, gas and industrial sugar. Focus on protein and, if necessary, follow a detox program . This will speed up your weight loss.

You really should not minimize the interest of facial gym during a slimming diet. Indeed, many practitioners say that double chin is particularly difficult to remove. All that you are asked for quick results: a balanced and healthy diet + great attendance during the gym. In addition, you can perform movements anywhere. What advantages!

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