How to eliminate cellulite in 2 weeks?

Nobody likes to have extra pounds, especially when they come with the orange peel ! Cellulite is thus the main concern of many people, and more particularly that of women. Between sport and healthy and balanced diet, we offer you solutions to get rid of your padded skin in just two weeks.

2 anti-cellulite exercises
Want to lose some calories ? The following exercises are recommended to have remarkable results in 2 weeks only.

For the first, lie on the right side, with your elbow bent under the torso. Then bend your right knee and lift the left leg a few inches off the ground. Hold this position for five seconds, slowly lower your leg natura farms keto and repeat the exercise with the other leg .
As for the second, it is to support the arms on the ground by adopting the position of the pumps. Bend the right leg that you will have to bring back to the belly. Then stretch the leg and lift it about 20 cm from the ground. Reproduce the same movement with the other leg.
To quickly reduce your cellulite, do these exercises (to which you can add others) by following a program consisting of one day of rest for two consecutive days of training.

What’s better than a healthy and balanced diet to eliminate fat?
Warning ! Physical activities will certainly be a great help, but to be in good shape and have a subcutaneous tissue devoid of any greasy pile, eating healthy is a most effective solution. Regularly eat fruits and vegetables: they hydrate you and help you reduce your cellulite .

Drink lots of water and eat healthy lipids (olives, dried fruits, avocados, fish). Avoid cellulite-friendly foods such as fried foods, foods high in salt and sugar, and alcohol.

How to remove orange peel?
Make a habit of brushing your skin to remove toxins accumulated under the skin. The anti cellulite massage is also effective and has the effect of stimulating the micro circulation , make the skin soft and shiny, promote cell rejuvenation and optimize lymphatic circulation. Try also caffeine which has very interesting properties ; rub your skin with coffee grounds, after dry brushing and before showering, two to three times a week.

If you follow our few tips with application, you can hope to overcome your cellulite in two weeks. But do not forget that to overcome it in a sustainable way, you have every interest in adopting a new lifestyle, healthier and more active !

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