The diet at 1,100 calories, for a long-lasting weight loss!

Have you heard of the 1100 calorie diet , and are curious to know what is at stake? To summarize, the 1100 kcal slimming program is simply a low calorie diet .

The goal is to lose weight in a healthy and effective way , without effect-yoyo!

How to make a diet at 1 100 calories?
The principle of burning-fat diet at 1100 kcal , is to reduce your energy intake (calories) daily, to give the slim build keto body the opportunity to burn fat in your reserves.

And so, from this stage you will start to lose weight. The more you reduce your daily intake and the more you will lose weight! Obviously, for the diet to work without side effects (double weight gain), it is imperative to maintain this diet over a long period.

One for your body to get used to eating less, changing your lifestyle . And two to be satisfied with the results.

A very active person, may be faced with some disadvantages, such as a loss of energy, headaches or fatigue. While a person inactive, will not be, because it spends less energy in the day.

A typical menu at 1100 kcal
Take inspiration from our 1100 kcal menu for your future recipes!

Breakfast : 1 tea + 2 cereal rusks + 150 g fresh cheese (lightened) + 50 g fresh raspberries .
Morning snack : 1 strawberry-banana smoothie.
Lunch : 1 chicken fillet (cooked in a pan and without fat) + 100 g of whole wheat macaroni + 100 g of grilled eggplant.
Afternoon snack : 150 g of fruit salad.
Dinner : 1 large bowl of vegetable soup.
What tips for an effective diet?
First of all, know that you will have to have a big motivation, in order to be able to hold the blow until the end of the regime. But also, adopt a new lifestyle (no difference is tolerated during the cure).

On the culinary side, you will have to systematically weigh all your food while preparing your recipes, without slim build keto SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS forgetting to calculate the number of calories. In addition, you must balance your menus in a strategic way, to avoid fatigue, or bloating. But also, to provide your body with maximum benefit.

And now, voila ! We are at a total of 1014 calories, leaving you a little margin to add a fruit or a vegetable !

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