Camphor during pregnancy?

There is a great multitude of essential oils on the market . These are plant extracts that concentrate all their benefits in an oil or cream. Their use is very common in the context of some alternative medicines and also for massages.

It has been proven that these oils are very beneficial to health. The question is whether it is the same for the health of the woman during pregnancy and that of her child.

Camphor is not recommended for pregnant women
During the pregnancy period, slimquick keto the woman must not use camphor essential oil. In toddlers, camphor is known to have effects on the brain by causing seizures and other symptoms.

By using this essential oil , there is a very high risk that camphor crosses the placenta to touch the fetus . It is thus in the measure of prevention that the future mother should in no case use this oil or any other container of camphor.

Which essential oils for the pregnant woman?
During the first trimester of her pregnancy, it is best for the woman not to use essential oils. From the fourth month, it is possible to use, but respecting the safety instructions and avoiding at all costs to ingest the product.

Remember that there are certain oils that are prohibited throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding . Others are more tolerated, but you need the advice of a doctor to make sure that it does not harm your health and that of your baby.

You can find essential oils in several forms: ointment, cream or in its purest form . Do not forget to check the dosages to avoid an overdose that could be very dangerous for your health.

What are the benefits of camphor on health?
The use of camphor is very beneficial for health. When administered by the respiratory route, it can help fight against stress , sleep disorders and respiratory problems. All you need to do is put some camphor oil in boiling water and inhale it or simply dilute it a bit in your bath.

There is also the cutaneous application that helps to fight against skin problems such as sunburn or internal problems such as muscle pain or blood circulation problems.

Camphor is often used with menthol and other natural ingredients to make the so-called tiger balm . It is very effective against joint and muscle pain, but it is forbidden during pregnancy to use or breathe.

This is very dangerous for the fetus especially since essential oils usually contain alcohol which is very bad for the health of the unborn baby.

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