How to build muscle without weight

After dashing 90 in Russian sport is gaining popularity again. Instead of smoking or drinking alcohol, young people began to go to the bar and do physical exercises. This is very good, our nation will be healthy and stronger. However, young people train not only to be healthy, but also to build muscle. And this applies not only to young people. Many men and women simply maintain their form with such physical activity. But is it possible to build muscle by performing exercises without burdens?

When we talk about exercises without burdens, we usually talk about such exercises as: pull-ups, push-ups on bars and squats. These exercises are basic and multi-joint, which means that these movements involve the entire array of your muscles. This means that with the help of these exercises you can speed up your metabolism and improve your health a little.

Muscle mass will also grow if you follow the progression of stress. Load progression is when you increase the load on Vitamins each workout. Usually, the load is increased with the help of additional weight, but once you train without it, you will have to increase the load in a different way. You can try to do more repetitions at each workout. Or, if this method of increasing the load does not suit you, increase the number of approaches from training to training.

But how many pounds can you gain by training in this way? If you train without burdens, you will never gain as much as if you were training with weights. For example, we have three men. The first one is training in the gym and after 10 years of training he will gain 20 kilograms of lean muscle mass. The second is engaged on horizontal bars and parallel bars, crouches, but uses additional weight. He is likely to pick up about 15 kilograms of dry muscles in 10 years. And the third is training without burdens. After 10 years, he will pick up about 10 pounds. But do not hurry to get upset. Ten kilograms of dry muscles is quite a lot. If you are naturally thin, then with proper nutrition you will gain some fat and you will gain 15-20 kilograms in total.

How to gain body weight ectomorphs

Mlegged ectomorphs – tall people with low weight dream of a dense body with a beautiful relief of a bodybuilder. To do this, gain weight. And if you do not suffer from a specific disease, then you will be able to gain this very mass.

Weight gain relies mainly on muscle growth. If your muscles do not interest you, there is another option – more often go to McDonald’s. In this case, you will gain weight, but you can forget about the beautiful muscle relief. Therefore, I will return to those who want to gain weight and have a beautiful athletic body.

Gaining muscle mass is quite difficult, but quite realistic. It grows due to the power loads that only trainings with iron can give. Therefore, the first thing to do is to sign up for a gym. And you need to andro stack x choose not the most expensive and trendy hall, where mostly pampered majors are engaged, but that hall, where there are a lot of people who are fan of training with iron, looking at which you will tune in to hard training.

The next step on the way to gaining weight is to develop a training program To date, these programs are huge, among them there are special and for ectomorphs. If the program contains heavy basic exercises (bench press, squats, deadlift), it means that it suits you and you need to go directly to training. I advise you to study the technique before starting the exercise or ask the coach to show you how to do the exercise.

In addition to training, an important place in gaining weight is proper nutrition, which should be regular (approximately 6 times a day). The number of incoming calories should be greater than the number of calories leaving – this is the main rule when gaining weight at the ectomorph.

If weight gain does not go – increase the number of calories consumed. This should take into account in your diet and the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. So, in the diet should be 25-30% of proteins, 55-60% of carbohydrates and 10-15% of fats.

Using all the tips given in the article, you will be able to gain weight and gain a sporting beautiful body.

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