Our 5 tips for losing weight on the back!

The body naturally stores excess fat in different parts of the body to cope with possible periods of “starvation”. Among these parts, there are the thighs, buttocks, belly, but also the back.

In case of excess, bulges appear on the Keto Slim Rx shoulder blades and back of the hips, with a result often unsightly. To eliminate them and find a harmonious silhouette, here are 5 effective tips.

Our 5 tips for losing weight in the back


To lose weight in the back, you must do exercises that allow you to burn calories while working the muscles of this part of the body. One of the most effective is definitely swimming. To get the most out of your back, do 30 to 45 minutes of crawl sessions twice a week.

This swimming technique actually forces you to fetch water by making forward movements that solicit your back while keeping it aligned with the rest of your body.

Use dumbbells to train yourself

Lift dumbbells will help you work out your muscle mass and activate your metabolism for faster fat elimination. By lifting a few pounds each workout, you lose weight faster back.

Here’s an exercise that will help you maximize results: put a hand on a wall in front of you and keep a dumbbell in the second hand . Lower it to the belly and lift gently to the side. Do this movement 10 times and then change hands.

Do cardio exercises

Insert cardio exercises into your routine for faster elimination of fat in your back. Practice daily endurance exercises Keto Slim Rx such as brisk walking, running, cycling, aquabiking . You can also train with the cardio equipment available in the gyms.

Review your diet

Food remains the essential point to lose fat, regardless of the part of the body concerned. Balance your diet by incorporating many more vegetables, cereals , fruits, lean fish , white meats, as well as low-fat yogurts.

On the other hand, you must reduce or even eliminate any consumption of sweets, pastries , fries, sodas and fatty meat. By respecting these indications, you will not even need to follow a restrictive diet to lose weight in a few weeks.

Wear slimming clothes

In addition to giving you a slimmer silhouette for a special occasion, slimming clothes allow you to optimize the results of your sports sessions. By wearing these slimming outfits as a daily underwear to go to work or to clean, you can even eliminate your bulges more quickly.

By following these 5 tips, you will put the odds on your side to eliminate your excess fat in the back . Note however that it is almost impossible to lose weight only back. The elimination of fats generally concerns several parts of the body.

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